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One Stop Auto and Trailer Parts Store


            Thankyou for visiting ISP Islington Online Trailer and Auto Parts Store! This web site is for those who want to save money when building or repairing box trailers,boat trailers,horse floats,car floats, caravans or who need a towing product or spare part.

Have a good look around and you'll find some worthwile savings and for those who can visit me in Islington I think you will find much more than I could ever put online.

You'll also save money on your towing accessories like Brake Controllers, Caravan Covers and Towing Mirrors.

You don't need to go any further for all the parts you need, if there is anything that you can't find or if you have a price point issue please don't hesitate to send me an email and I'll do my best to solve your problem.

Remember ISP Islington is an independent store and the prices on the products shown are available only at ISP Islington

Prices shown online are in store too!

Thankyou, I hope to see you soon.




 Shock absorber SELLOUT!

For Huge savings on KYB and Sachs shockabsorbers click on the logos to go to the catalogues and click here to check the sellout price!



(198205) AL-KO 6" Swing-Up Jockey Wheel
198205  /  626190
AL-KO 6" jockey wheel with spring swivel bracket designed to be U-Bolted to the A frame of your trailer or caravan.


You won't find a better jockey wheel at this Amazingly low price anywhere!!


Retail Price $69.95
Save: $30.00
ISP Islington Price:

(181314) ALKO 3.5 tonne Pin Type Off Road Coupling


Retail Price $499.95
Save: $100.95
ISP Islington Price:

(182120) ALKO Mechanical Marine Brake Caliper

The new and improved ALKO mechanical disc brake caliper is finally available!

New design, same low price!

Specificaly designed for boat trailers, this new caliper is hot dipped galvanized and has stainless steel slide bushes and adjusting bolts.


Retail Price $99.95
Save: $20.00
ISP Islington Price:

(108743) 76003-NS Hayman Reese Standard 600lb Shankless Hitch Kit 30" spring bars

The new standard is the biggest selling Weight Distributing Hitch in Australia, designed for ball weights from 135kg up to 275kg.

  • Comes complete with Round 30" spring bars.
  • Round bar design makes this kit perfect for caravans with 6" chassis
  • Compatible with AL-KO and McHitch off road couplings.
  • Shankless kit, so you're not stuck with a dropshank that's inappropriate for your set up. You will need to determine and add the dropshank that will suit the difference between the height of yor caravan's coupling and your car's towbar.

Why do we sell more 600lb hitch kits than almost anyone? Check out this price!  and it's available in store or online





Retail Price $665.00
Save: $270.00
ISP Islington Price:

(109214) Pro Series PRO3000 Brake Controller
The Pro Series PRO3000 brake controller is a great choice for light to medium duty towing. The time actuated controls have solid state electronics, allowing the controller to be mounted in any position - horizontal, vertical, even upside down.
 When you step on the vehicle brakes, a predetermined amount of braking power is sent to the trailer. Major benefits of solid state brake controllers are their quick and easy installation, and ease of use. 
  • 1 to 4 axle trailers
  • Digital output indicator
  • Slide control output adjustment
  • "Up-Front" manual over-ride control
  • Overload indicator
  • Mounting hardware included
  • Smooth and simple installation
  • 3 year limited warranty



Retail Price $92.25
Save: $32.30
ISP Islington Price:

(183670) Plastic Mudguard White suit 14" Wheels
14" White Plastic Mudguard
The Wasson brand of Trailer Guards has been the market leader for more than 10 years Aussie made and sold all over the world. They are made from toughened plastic and siutable for all types of trailers. The sizes come in 10 inch, 13 inch and 14 inch. The colours come standard in white, silver and black.


Retail Price $45.85
Save: $10.35
ISP Islington Price:

(108975) Trojan Boot Buddy
Quickly and easily remove sand, grass, dirt and mud from your boots.
Stays on while you tow


Retail Price $69.95
Save: $10.00
ISP Islington Price:

(108976) Hayman Reese Hitch Step
No more standing on your balls!
The Heavy Duty Aluminium Hayman Reese HITCH STEP attaches to most trailer ballmounts and allows you to step up to reach high places.


Retail Price $89.95
Save: $20.00
ISP Islington Price:

(187912) 14" x 6" White Painted FORD rim with 185 Tyre fitted
White painted 14" x 6"  5 / 114.3mm PCD (FORD) stud patten wheel. Fitted with a 185R14C 8 Ply 850kg Tyre.


Retail Price $199.50
Save: $79.55
ISP Islington Price:

(182224) Galvanized Lazy Hub to suit HT 5 stud wheels fitted with "LM"bearings
5 Stud Galvanized hub suit Early Holden up to 1971 and many boat trailer wheels but not early Velox wheels
7/16" Studs  108mm PCD
63.45mm Stud to adjacent stud measurment
Fitted with Chinese LM bearings and marine seal to fit 39mm or 40mm axles



Retail Price $49.95
Save: $10.00
ISP Islington Price:

(221740) AL-KO Easy Clamp wheel lock
  • Heavy duty weather resistant steel
  • Anti-Scratch coating to protect your wheels
  • Adjustable to fit 13" - 15" wheels
  • Key operated lock


Retail Price $69.95
Save: $20.00
ISP Islington Price:

(222038) Caravan Levelling Ramps 2 Piece CVL2


Made from lightweight UV resistant polyethylene these quality levellers will keep caravans & motorhomes level when parked on an uneven surfaces. They are completely rustproof and extremely durable.

They are designed for use on both single and twin axle vehicles. The rear section is removable so the front section can be positioned between the rear wheels. The leveller width is 250mm which is suitable for most caravans and motorhomes.

  • Design registered  
  • Two levellers per pack.
  • Load capacity: 5000kg

*Wheel chocks available separately (CWC1)


Retail Price $83.95
Save: $14.00
ISP Islington Price:

(205400) Adventurer III Air Compressor

ADVENTURER 3 Air Compressor

Product No: MMACA3
Brand: Mean Mother

The Mean Mother Adventurer 3 Heavy Duty 12V Air Compressor has been designed for serious off road use.

Packed with plenty of inflation power, it delivers an incredible 160 Litres per minute free air delivery. It's equipped with all the standard features you’d expect in a compressor of this quality such as thermal overload & circuit breaker protection, as well as a premium wireless remote control. 

The remote allows the user to start and stop the inflation process and get accurate tyre pressure readings without having to go back and forth to the compressor to continually turn it off and on.

The 160PSI/ 1084kPa output will inflate an average 4x4 tyre (205/60R16) in around 2.3 minutes. 

The Adventurer III has been built on the same platform as our highly successful Adventurer II air compressor that was recently voted "Best Bang For Your Buck" by Unsealed 4x4 Magazine in their huge12V Portable Air Compressor Comparison.


Retail Price $299.00
Save: $39.05
ISP Islington Price:

(205822) TRED Recovery Ramp 800mm Blue

TRED Recovery Boards

Product No: TRED08BU
Brand: TRED

  • Size: 800mm
  • Colour: Ocean Blue

The 800mm model is perfectly suited for SUV's and mid-sized 4WD's.


TRED, stands for Total Recovery & Extraction Device.

Designed and manufactured in Australia from specifically engineered polyolefin materials, TREDs can handle intense levels of torque, flex, weight and impact. With a designated shovel feature, extreme hex grip nodules, dual size offering, aggressive ramp entry teeth and ultimate wear resistant properties, TREDs are the best option to get you going when loss of traction disrupts your journey. 

TREDs can eliminate the hazardous and potentially fatal practices of vehicle recovery involving highly stressed components such as steel cables, shackles, snatch straps and winches - TREDs keep you & your family safe. With TREDs every recovery is done at a slow, steady and safe pace. Plan your trip, pack your TREDs, and explore with confidence!


Retail Price $169.00
Save: $39.05
ISP Islington Price:

(198584) Combination Lamp Board 1.8mtr long
Trojan Lamp Board is 1.8mtr long and is fitted with two combination Stop/Tail/Flasher lamps (Bayonet Globes), two reflectors, 6 metres of cable and a 7 pin plug


You get the board, 2 lamps, 2 reflectors, 1.8 metres of cable and a 7 pin plug for only $69.95!?

Brilliant Buying! Be quick!


Retail Price $94.25
Save: $24.30
ISP Islington Price:

Rola Multifit Spare Wheel Holder


Spare Wheel Holder (RHSSWH)spare-wheel-holder-improvedrhsswh

The Rola Spare Wheel Holder suits various wheel sizes and includes quick and easy Drop & Turn mounting hardware.  Made from stainless steel, the Spare Wheel Holder includes heavy duty tie-down points to keep your spare secure

  • Adjustable 3 point harness to distribute weight and allow for various wheel sizes
  • Suitable for large 4WD wheels
  • Easy to use, Max Grip Ratchet with high strength webbing for ultimate load security
  • Heavy duty tie-down points
  • Can be fitted to most roof rack trays with channels
  • Includes all mounting hardware and tie down points
  • Engineered and tested in Australia for Australian conditions
  • 5-year warranty


Retail Price $78.20
Save: $19.20
ISP Islington Price:

(669375) Chock 'n Lock

The Explore™ Chock 'n Lock is a revolutionary Australian Made and Owned innovation that locks, chocks, and stabilises dual axle caravans and trailers.

Using the latest in injection-moulding technology, the Chock 'n Lock is made from a heavily reinforced plastic composite that is durable enough to last a lifetime.

With a simple turn of a wheel, the Chock 'n Lock stabilises the suspension and eliminates the sway and movement commonly associated with dual axle caravans and trailers.

The ergonomic turning mechanism allows for easy fitment by all ages without causing hand strain, and unlike similar products that require crawling underneath the trailer to fit, this can be installed from a kneeling or comfortable sitting position.

The Chock 'n Lock is an ideal investment for anyone who owns a dual axle caravan or trailer. Two extension plates are included and can be added or removed depending on wheel spacing, with additional pairs sold separately.




ISP Islington Price:

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